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Connect your agriculture remote sensing with VISUAL

The agriculture remote sensing allows you to measure and analyse data. Combine them with Visual’s power.

sensores agricolas visualnacert sensor agricultura inteligente visual

What is the purpose of an agricultura remote sensing?

1. Gauges

Humidity and temperature of soil and atmosphere in real time on your mobile phone.

2. Analyze

A simple control panel to view the agroclimatic conditions of your growing areas with precision.

3. Take measures

Actions like irrigation optimization weather forecast and characterize phenology  with maximum efficiency.

Optimize risks

Thanks to the agriculture remote sensing you will be able to know accurately the humity and apply the exact water quantity in each crop. Therefore, you will improve your products quality, the profitability of the exploitations will improve and also you will keep the water as a natural resource. It’s unveliable!

Sensors located at all time

A precise interactive map where is easy to know the precise location of the sensors in each plot. Do not worry thinking about where the sensors are located we do that work for you.
sensores agricolas visualnacert sensor agricultura inteligente visual
sensores agricolas visualnacert sensor agricultura inteligente visual

Information instancly

Be able to know what is happening in your crops in real time and make decisions at the moment. Receive alerts from your remote sensors and set up news to have everything in control.

Start today analysing your crop with agriculture remote sensing

If you have agriculture remote sensing and do you want to know how they are integrated with VISUAL, contact with us please.